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QotW: Truly happy and successful networkers

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Networking | 0 comments

How true it is! Looking to meet one’s own needs via networking is a hunter approach, and it inevitably reduces the people whom you use to fulfill those needs to the status of prey. That attitude makes networking into an extremely stressful, pressurized environment where a disorganized pack of predators has gathered to divide up the available prey – a zero sum game.

But when we treat referral partners more like a farmer’s crop – a resource that needs to be carefully tended to and cared for – we discover that our networks can be an evergreen source of recurring sustenance. The only way to consistently grow a healthy crop is to tend carefully to its needs. So to, a fulfilling networking experience comes from tending to your referrals sources’ needs and nurturing them along to maturity, progressing along with your business hand-in-hand.


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