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Play the BNI Select Super Bowl LVIII Prop Bet Game

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Fun Stuff, Chapter Events | 3 comments

Super Bowl LVIII just a few days away, and excitement is running high all around Kansas City. I thought we could have a little chapter fun with the game. I borrowed the list of prop bets from a Washington Post article, adding the twist of allowing you to “weight” your selections by assigning between 1 and 10 points to each proposition. The form should automatically calculate how many points you have remaining to assign as you go. We’ll announce winners at next week’s meeting. There’s no real “pot” at stake, but I’m working on pulling together some fun prizes to be distributed at the meeting!


  1. Aaron

    We’ve received nine entries so far. There’s plenty of time to share with friends and family and get their entries in. The form will stop accepting new submissions at 5:00 p.m. Central Time, so entries will be closed just before the pre-game singing begins (Post Malone, Reba McEntire and Andra Day).

  2. Aaron

    As the second half begins, our leaders are:
    1. Brad Kaye – 25 points
    2. Tara Comfort – 20 points
    3. Doug Cook & Ella Flax tied with 15 points each
    Brad picked up big points for the last score of the half being a FG and for Usher playing more than 8.5 songs during the halftime show.

  3. Aaron

    Big moves in the second half! Final scores:
    1. Doug Cook – 73 Points
    2. Ella flax – 70 Points
    3. Tara Comfort – 64 Points
    4. Brad Kaye & Aaron Rittmaster (Tied) – 62 Points
    6. Randy Welch – 57 Points
    7. Kenny Baldwin – 55 Points
    8. Curt Welter – 50 Points
    9. Matt Flax – 40 Points


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